AKH Consilium

  • 15 Apr, 2013

Project Description

akh consilium is a medical online directory that primarily aims at doctors and medical students. It contains important information on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The online directory was developed in cooperation between the Medical University of Vienna and the University Hospital of the AKH-Wien. The entries are created by leading doctors and medical professors and are being regularly renewed. An alphabetic index facilitates access.

All relevant information about diagnosis and treatment options are available on “akh consilium”. This makes the project an important contribution to knowledge transfer and quality assurance in the Austrian healthcare system.




  • Development of the portal akh-consilium.at
  • Consultancy in the field online marketing


Among other things, the following elements have been implemented:


  • Workflow systems
  • Publishing (timing, content management, etc.)
  • Rich Media (videos, images, animations, etc.)
  • Quiz systems
  • Online surveys
  • Flash animations
  • Newsletter system