Increase your conversions!

By optimizing your conversions, we can ensure you that your website will become more successful.


A conversion is defined as an operation carried out by the user on your website which is valuable for you as a provider. The following actions can be seen as a conversion:

  • Online-Purchase
  • Subscription for a newsletter
  • Registration
  • Download
  • Submission of a contact form


The goal of conversion optimization is to increase the conversion rate. The term “conversion rate” refers to the percentage of completed conversions in comparison to visitors on your site.


We will take over the following services in the field of conversion-optimization for you:

  • Analysis of the Status Quo
  • Identification of weaknesses
  • Observation of user behavior
  • Planning a conversion optimization strategy
  • Testing of different models
  • Implementation of the conversion optimization strategy


Please get in touch with us for further details. We will gladly provide a package that perfectly fits your needs.


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  • Google AdWords
  • Affiliate-Marketing
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