Erste Sparinvest

Project Description

The Erste Bank Sparinvest is the investment company of the Erste Bank and the Austrian savings banks. It was founded in 1965 and is a member of the Association of Austrian investment companies.

As a leader in mutual funds in Austria, the Erste Sparinvest manages a total fund volume of about 25 billion euros. This makes it the second largest Austrian investment company. It has been awarded for several times by international rating agencies such as Standard & Poorโ€™s.

Meanwhile, the website of the Erste Sparinvest has been integrated in the homepage of the parent company (Erste Asset Management GmbH). The Erste Sparinvest is the largest subsidiary. Segments has profoundly renewed the online presence.




  • Development of methods to secure and improve the quality of the data streams
  • Consulting
  • Automation
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