When it comes to information research, search engines are the primary place to consult on the internet. The first 10 search results get 90% of all clicks. The top result has a click rate of over 50%, the second result 12,5% and the third place only 9,5% of clicks.

A good positioning within the search results is crucial for a successful online presence. Search engine optimization (SEO) contains the methods to improve the ranking of your website within the organic or unpaid search results and hence increases traffic on your website.

The measures that need to be set can be divided in On-Page-SEO and Off-Page-SEO. On-Page-SEO focuses on all measures that need to be conducted directly on the site. In contrary, Off-Page-SEO includes all actions that must be taken outside of the website.


The optimization of the page content marks an important aspect of search engine optimization. A keyword optimized diction of your page content plays a crucial role. In this context, it is important that the texts are easy to understand for the readers and search engine optimized. On the one hand, your content should inform the reader, on the other hand, search engines should be able to identify relevant keywords in the text. The following aspects can also be considered as positive for On-Page-Optimization:

  • Internal Linking
  • Optimization of Header Tags
  • Every page should be named
  • Graphics and images should be optimized


A clean and efficient link management is one of the most important factors to influence the organic search results. If another site links to you, the search engine will value this as a recommendation, which has a positive effect on the ranking. Please note that quality is more important than quantity in this regard.


Besides the On-Page- and Off-Page-SEO, the technical SEO aspects are a factor that should be considered. Technical SEO contributes to a structured website and helps to transmit this structure  to search engines. Among others, the optimization of indexing and site architecture play an important role.


Segments can provide you with the following services in the field of search engine optimization:

  • SEO On-Page- and Off-Page-Analysis
  • Development of measures
  • Keyword research for web page content
  • Writing of keyword optimized texts
  • Link-Building
  • Link profile analysis of competitors
  • Optimization of technical SEO-aspects
  • Reporting


Please get in touch with us to discuss all the details and we will gladly offer you a solution that perfectly fits your needs.


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