Project Description

StromGas24 is the new Austrian comparison platform for electricity and gas. Energy customers can compare gas and electricity prices on and also switch to a cheaper provider directly on the page.

The portal is cooperating with the E-control, a regulatory authority. This is why StromGas24 provides an objective comparison that covers the majority of energy providers in Austria. The independent consumer platform has brought transparency for the market since spring 2013.

In order to answer all of the questions that consumers have when changing the provider, StromGas24 is supporting them via email, chat and phone. On consumers can also find energy saving tips, interesting facts and recent news on developments in the gas and electricity sector.




  • Technical Implementation
  • Business Development
  • Funding
  • Open standards in order to be able to connect external systems (E-control, energy providers, etc.)
  • Complete E-commerce package (Drupal Commerce)
  • Specially developed PDF generator for settlement of contracts
  • Additional communication interfaces and links to the system (telephone, fax, chat, email, social media and newsletter)
Live Preview
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